We offer a wide selection of Channel Display racks, clothing display racks, garment shelves, cloth display racks and clothes display racks with fast delivery. Our products are designed to provide an effective solution for displaying your garments in the most attractive way possible. With our range of quality products, you can create an eye-catching store that will draw customers in.

SAI STORAGE SYSTEMS specializes in the manufacture and supply of wall-mounted racks, such as wall-mounted display racks, metal wall-mounted shelves, and display racks. Our products are designed to provide a secure storage solution for any space while also providing an attractive look that will boost your interior décor. We take pride in our quality craftsmanship and customer service so you can be sure you’re getting the best product possible.

Make the most of your space with this Wall Mounted Rack! It’s a great way to maximize storage in any room, especially if you’re short on floor space. This rack features one four-foot surface at the top and two small adjustable shelves for extra storage. Plus, it also includes a hanger rack so you can hang items up instead of having them take up more precious shelf space.


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Channel Display racks